Finding time…the VW shoot

For this shoot to come together I had to track down one of the busiest people I know. I had asked Bill a few months ago if I could shoot his VW bug…but it always seemed when his schedule was open mine was busy. Since I had this whole week off I decided to try again to make things happen…..We planned on 3pm which would give us time to drive to a spot and hopefully 45 minutes or so to set up and shoot. In my time planning I didn’t account for getting stuck on a hill climb and spending 30-45 minutes digging and maneuvering a very stuck VW. I should say that I was taking photos while Bill did the digging and maneuvering. Someone had to document the events. Bill eventually worked some off road magic and got out of the jam he was in….we were on our way.

The goal was to get up above the city while the sun was setting and shoot some shots of the bug alone and some with Bill next to it. We ended up having just enough time to get a handful of shots of both.

Equipment used:
Camera: Canon 7D with Tokina 12-24 f/4 lens
Lights: Boling 2×300 watt strobes fired via Pocketwizards Plus IIs

Lighting set up: Since the sun was setting fast I didn’t have a lot of time to set up. As mentioned above I used Boling strobes with the battery pack, having one strobe camera left and one camera right. Each strobe was set up about the height of the fender on the VW.  As with all my off camera flash work, I used the PocketWizard Plus IIs which allowed me to fire the strobes remotely and move around in between the lights without having another cable to worry about.


A few shots of being stuck….

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