Shooting lighter…First day of Spring mountain bike shoot

It doesn’t rain a lot in Socal..but the rain has been showing up these days and was trying to get in the way of one of my photo shoots. I had planned to shoot on a Saturday and the forecast showed rain but in the evening. I decided to trust the weather people and move forward with shooting in the afternoon.

Charles aka the “voice activated light stand” volunteered for light carrying duty and we headed into the hills. With us was local rider Travis who continues to amaze with his bike riding ability and willingness to do sections numerous times allowing me to get a few different angles.

I changed up one thing from what I do on my “normal” mountain bike shoots and that was deciding to go with only a single strobe. I’m glad I did as we were able to move to new locations much faster and setting up was always quick. Not having to use a light stand was a dream and having the ability to ask Charles for slight changes in direction was a huge time saver. My set up was a single Boling Strobe fired by Pocketwizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5. Again the new Pocketwizards offer a freedom of shooting with nearly any settings I choose. Shooting all afternoon without worrying about syncing at 1/250th was the best.

A big thanks to Charles and Travis for making it a smooth afternoon. The rain did show up as the experts predicted…and didn’t stop for what seemed like 24 hours.

Shooting lighter and having one less thing to worry about was a nice change.

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Tokina 12-24 f/4 and Sigma 70-200 f2.8
Strobe: Single Boling Strobe fired via Pocketwizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5
Light stand: Charles (not for sale..well everyone has a price)

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