Inspired by Ryan Gibb

I had the good fortune of visiting Red Bulls SoCal HQ last night. While the building and items in it were
impressive, I was not invited there to stare at cool things. Red Bull was putting on a special screening of the mountain bike movie Life Cycles. I’d seen the movie on the big screen before and even own a copy of it at home. So why go see again? It’s not often that action sports movies make it to movie theaters…maybe for a one day showing. Typically it’s straight to DVD. So I jumped at the chance to see this one again on a big screen.

I’ll admit I had my initial doubts on how big a screen the folks at Red Bull would have in their office building, but I was reminded that this is Red Bull ..they don’t do anything small. After waiting around a bit someone pushed a magic button and what I thought was a wall turned out to be a giant roll up door…behind it was Red Bulls own theater and yeah it had stadium seating. In we went and as promised we watched Life Cycles.

I won’t spend too much time talking about the movie since it has been reviewed and talked about for months now. I will say that it motivates me as both a rider and photographer. The best part of the night was listing to director Ryan Gibb talk about creating the film…and taking the time to answer questions. Ryan noted how many of the sponsors they approached for this project didn’t understand their vision for the film and said no to helping out with funding. Ryan and crew pressed on with their own funds, stuck to their original vision and created an amazing film.

I’m sure most creative people have run into a similar situation where your ideas don’t make sense to anyone else. This is another example of moving forward with your ideas and making them work.

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