Sometimes noon is the ‘Golden Hour’….a mid day mountain bike shoot

Ah the “golden hour”….that twice a day slice of time where photographers rise extra early or stay out late so they can shoot in that magic light. I’m not writing to say the light isn’t great at those times, but to say sometimes mid day might have to be your golden hour.
Since I rely on other resources for most of my shooting, I try to make best use of what is available. Sometimes the subjects/riders I’m shooting have other things going on in life and they aren’t available…sometimes it’s me who isn’t available. Knowing I’d always rather be out shooting…we get together and do the right things…in this case ride and shoot.
For this shoot we had two riders, one spotter (person who yells “their coming” when I can’t see) and one voice activated light stand. The equipment used for the day was a Canon 7D, single Boling 600 watt strobe, and the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and Flex TT5.

Yes mid day light can be “harsh” and less than ideal but I think it’s better than not shooting at all. Typically I would meter in camera for my exposure, then under expose the shot by one stop. This allows grabbing those blue skys and having the strobe fill in the subjects. I often get asked about what shutter speeds I’m using with the light kit since many still believe I’m limited to 1/250th. I’ve posted before about using the new PocketWizards and being able to shoot at any shutter speed I choose. Love the freedom that provides and its one more thing I don’t have think about.

List of photography “rules” broken for the day:

  • Shot at mid day
  • Shot JPEGs
  • Changed lenses outside
  • Used UV filters on both lenses
  • Used bare bulb flash/no diffuser
  • Used non Canon L lenses (thanks Sigma and Tokina)
  • Didn’t watermark my images before posting

Thanks for the help Travis, Steve, Brian and Kyle!

As always click the image for a larger view.



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