Are you pro?

We met on a hillside, I’m sure with similar goals that day. We probably have more in common than you realized. I know we both love photography and action sports…what a great start to a conversation I thought. Heck we even shoot with the same brand of camera (although not the same on).  My intentions weren’t to invade your space and I made sure that I wasn’t in your way. I thought I’d be the first to say hello and I did so…That’s when I learned so much about who you are.

When I said hello I made sure to attempt eye contact and that’s when I noticed you weren’t looking at my eyes…no…your eyes were fixed on my camera. You took a solid look and finally…all be it slowly…looked up at me. Your face reminded me of when I was young and asked the older kids if I could skateboard with them. They never had to answer, their faces answered via expression…that expression of disgust.

“Are you a pro?” You asked. Which caught me off guard because my mind was expecting a returned hello. Before I responded, I paused. Not because I needed to evaulate if I was “pro” or not..but because I found myself looking down at my camera and wondered what it was that made you ask. I instantly felt like someone had swooped in and replaced my camera with a disposable model from the grocery store. Perhaps in your mind my camera and a disposable are one in the same? I did finally respond with an answer of “well..I’m not a full timer.”

As if the event we were shooting wasn’t prestigious enough, you let me know that you usually shoot full time on the world cup circuit. Without time for me to respond you glanced over at my camera bag and said “if you want a really good bag you need to go with the bag I use. Don’t get me wrong your bag is cool, but my brand is where it’s at. I’m currently doing testing for them.”

Ummm…o.k. I see where I stand/rank here I thought to myself.  The action started back up and I took my non pro camera, sub par camera bag and was on my way to a new spot. I didn’t walk away with aspirations of becoming more like you or wishing I had your camera or next level bag.

Thanks for the reminder that’s not about the gear. I’m off to skateboard with some fellow part timers….

Are you Pro?

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