Flickr….why I can’t quit her.

For purposes of this write up Flickr is female, I assume that because if someone named a horse or dog Flickr it would be female.

I remember when we first met. I was introduced to Flickr by a common friend and we we all loved photography. My friend wasn’t in sales but did a fine job of giving me all of the upsides to Flickr. He knew I was single in the realm of social media and thought he would set me up with Flickr. Free he said…cheap I thought. No!..he insisted that free in this case didn’t mean cheap. I remained doubtful. My friend continued on and mentioned how Google crawled Flickr and searched for the tags/keywords associated with your photos. Crawled? I asked…sounds gross. So here we are with Flickr being free (read cheap) and crawled all over by the worlds largest search engine…Not sounding like a good first date for me with social media. I allowed my friend to press on.

While I admit I didn’t understand the benefits that my friend spelled out for me, since I was lonely in the social media world, I did move forward and sign up with Flickr. Flickr and I got along great at first. She slowly began to gain my trust and I uploaded a handful of images. She went on to impress by allowing others to comment on my photos and add my shots as “favorites”…things were great between us. Flickr even introduced me to new contacts. People from all over the world began to view my images and share theirs with me. It all began to move so fast. I’m not sure I was ready for it all but so far I hadn’t run into any problems. Our relationship seemed so one sided… Sure I was uploading, but Flickr was giving back so much more. What could I do in return?

We went on this way for a couple of years. With me uploading what I thought Flickr and the world wanted to see, and with her working day and night adding new features. At some point I guess I had done too much taking in the relationship. Flickr rolled out some new features, but there was a catch. Perhaps it was the one I was waiting for…yes…she wanted my money. I winced at the news but was soon re leaved to learn she only wanted $20 a year. I could afford that and paid her the requested amount. Things were still moving along..and then it happened.

Flickrs birth parents sold her to Yahoo. At first it all seemed being adopted by a wealthy family when you grew up poor. As with most stories, money doesn’t solve all the problems. I began to feel like Yahoo didn’t want me with Flickr anymore. I continued to do my part by telling others about the site and getting them to add content too, but Flickr began to be different  Did she change? No! That was what we all wanted. Change with the times..upgrade, add more new features or at least try to keep up. Seems the rich parents at Yahoo made this adoption to use as a simple tax write off or gain a user base. One thing is for sure they didn’t pour any love into Flickr…and there she sat.

The online community poked fun at her..using words like old and out of touch. They even jumped ship to the shiny and new models called 500px and Instagram. There was an uprising with many pulling their images off Flickr and moving completely to these new options. Turning their backs on Flickr.
What did I do? I admit I tested the other waters too..I felt I had to see what all the hype was about. But I also pressed on with my Flickr relationship. You see Flickr gave me something that I’ll never forget. She connected me with a company who needed an image for a magazine ad. My first real paying job…How could I leave the one helped me get my work published? I couldn’t…

Today we are still together. I continue to get paying  jobs from clients who find my work on Flickr and I continue to upload my images.  She recently, with out my asking, Tweeted one of my images to her 220plus thousand followers on Twitter. Coverage I could never gain on my own. While she might still be “old” and not what the kids are using, I’m sticking around and will continue to tell the world why I can’t quit her.

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