Returning from a photo shoot empty handed…

Point Dume Beach the afternoon

I was recently in a conversation about photo gear with a friend and I interupted the geek fest with a suggestion to stop talking about it and go shoot the next day. The simple plan was to hit up a beach spot that we had shot at before. Last time we shot there I was happy with both the action and non action shots that I came home why not try this spot again?

The only difference in this trip was the time of day. The first trip we had arrived in the early morning hours and this time we arrived in the afternoon. I didnt do any research on surf conditions, but assumed surfers always surfed. I was wrong…I also thought we’d be able to at least get some cool sunset shots since we were going to be there in the late afternoon..I was wrong again. Seems giant cliff sides block out sunsets pretty good.

Without any surfers in the water and a sunset hiding behind the cliffs made for a good challenge of looking at other items around us and doing what we came to do..Shoot. Much like the fisherman who say a day of bad fishing is better than a day at work..In this case it wasn’t a “successful” afternoon of shooting for me, but an afternoon at the beach and actually taking photos is always better than sitting around talking about taking photos.

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