Hire me Boling…non existent marketing from another photography company

This would be a follow up to my Hire me Tokina post from a while back. It seems I have a knack for latching on to companies that make marketing a low [read almost non existent] priority. While I’d probably give Tokina a D plus if I had to grade their marketing, and Yahoo and C- for their “work” with Flickr( read my post on why I cant quit Flickr here), Boling would be on to continuation school with a solid F.

Boling you can thank Flickr for at least one of your sales. It’s where I found someone using a portable light kit that wasn’t the cost of a small car. Of course once they told me the brand name I went looking for you. You’d think in the days of the internet I would have had something in my shopping cart with in minutes. Not so with you guys. While the person on Flickr had nice things to say..I wanted to read at least a couple of reviews on your product. No luck. More searching…ahh finally…not a review, but someone who actually sold your light kit.

Upon first review the price seemed off from what my Flickr contact had told me…I see…I’m on an Australian web site.  Nice! Google, convert this for me..And man, what is shipping gonna cost me? After $ conversion and a conversation with my new mates in Au…I was buying a new light kit. Based on the one review from my Flickr contact and a great price at the online store in Australia. (After writing this part I planned on linking to the store that sold the kit, I noticed they no longer carry it.)

While this is starting to read like a session of complaining, it’s not what I want delivered from it. I want others to know about you Boling..others to enjoy the product you make. Allow them to keep some money in their wallet and use a great product. BUT…how do they find you? I try my best to promote you with constant name dropping and putting “Boling” as a keyword everywhere when I post a photo that I did using your lights. Pretty sure if you Google Boling light kit I’ll have more entries in the first page than you do. Based on my blog post a few weeks ago, I’m not pro and I can only do so much on my end.

So I’m putting the ball back in your court Boling and I have my fingers crossed that you’ll do your part. Or you could hire me to do your marketing…of course I’m kidding about that one because I really don’t think based on your track record that you’d ever find this post.  Maybe if I Tweet about…oh never mind.

If you are interested in more info on my light kit, you can find my post about it here. I’ve had it a number of years and it’s been a solid performer outdoors in the dirt and indoors too. I can sync them to any shutter speed, which is something I’m not seeing in many other portable light kits that are close to this price range.

I guess the question now is where do you buy one?

All the shots below were shot using my Boling light kit….

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