Starting over…A photographer trying his hand at video

I’ve always had an itch to make movies…never really got into it and I think getting into photography helped scratch it…at least for a while.

It’s still in there. That desire to create movies. Since the days DSLRs could record video I’ve kept an eye on all the news/updates/hype/hope that came along with it. When first announced and people started making movies I was impressed. Then I took a look at the camera rigs they were using..and I got gear intimidation. It was so much more than a camera and a lens. So I plugged away doing my photo thing and dabbled in cutting together a couple very short movies with footage captured from my GoPro…the desire lived on.

Seems this itch I’ve had needed to be scratched for real recently and I decided to get a couple friends and a couple riders together and attempt at knocking out a short mountain bike video. The crew for the day was Chris who was also shooting with his Canon 7D, Kyle our mascot and Sherpa, and riders Travis and Brian.

The reason why I titled this post “Starting Over”?…I really didn’t know what was involved or what I was getting into. Sure I felt confident I could compose shots and I’m familiar enough with mountain biking that I was comfortable with the subject. But it sure felt like a reboot on everything I knew about using a camera. And I’m so green at editing and any sort of post production it’s frustrating. As frustrating as learning Photoshop many years ago…

The day of shooting went fast and before I knew it the sun was setting and we were out of time. I wanted one last shot and set up my tripod to grab it. When I hit record my camera output an error message instead of recording. OH crud! Really? No panic..pull the battery, re insert and try again. Same error…I decided to call it a day and hope that the day of shooting wasn’t lost. Chris was able to grab the last shots and I was reminded how great it was to have another person there shooting with me.  Once home I was able to download all of the video clips to my computer…temporary relief. Next I had to review what I’d captured for the day.

Overall I’m pretty happy with many of the shots…and unhappy with a number of them too. I feel like I learned a ton in one day and wish we had a second day to shoot that would allow us to grab the stuff we missed.

The process has been both rewarding and frustrating…..I hope to make more videos down the road and my appreciation for those who do this all the time has gone way up.

Huge thanks to Travis and Brian for riding all day and doing things over and over. Chris for capturing video with me and Kyle for carrying gear all day and taking some behind the scenes photos.



The crew for the day

Reviewing the options

On the ground with the slider


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