Can’t leave home with out them…my PocketWizards

A friend who is just getting into photography asked me what was the one piece of gear (beyond camera/lens) that I couldn’t live with out…
It didn’t take but a second for me to respond with “PocketWizards“…and “oh I should blog about this conversation”. Often viewed only as a means to trigger your light kit/flash, I wanted my first set of PocketWizards to try my hand at some remote camera photography. Little did I know at the time of purchase that I’d rely on them for most of my photography work.

As with any facet of photography it really helps to have a subject that you are interested in shooting. Sounds like a no brainier, but I’m surprised at how many people I come across that buy a camera and are out things to shoot after a very short period of time. With action sports there is always something going on and I’ve always had plenty to shoot. But there are certain places you can not or should not go..or certain angles you can’t obtain with a person behind a camera. And this is where my desire for the PocketWizards came in to play. Remote trigger…

I’ve pasted a few examples below of some remote shots that I’ve attempted.

Beyond the remote triggering the camera, I’ve used the PocketWizards to trigger my Boling light kit and my Canon 580ex flash…often at the same time. With my original PocketWizards I was limited to shooting at 1/250th of a second and while that didn’t stop the show, it was often an annoying limitation. UNTIL..PocketWizard came out with technology that allowed me to shoot at any speed. I’ve blogged in the past about someone killing the 1/250th limitation and how great it is…. How fast can I sync? Believe it or not I haven’t found that out….I’ve shot as high as 1/3200th with my light kit. Make sure you read that extra zero on there..its not 1/320th..its 3200. Love that worrying about shutter speed is no longer a problem.

Some examples below…

Now if you got this far and are wondering what my second favorite piece of gear is….wonder no more and read about my love for my Tokina lens here.

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