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Added to Flipboard

I’ve posted a few times about my love for the Flipboard app. and I’ve been putting together a magazine there for a while now. All that flipping got me added to their main menu.


Published on:
June 15, 2014 7:29 am

Mountain biking/photography in Sedona and Flagstaff Arizona

It seems I often run into the same dilemma …I want photos but I don’t want to stop riding to shoot them. When visiting places with grand views like Sedona and Flagstaff it makes sense to want to shoot photos to capture the beauty of these places…but then they also offer amazing mountain bike riding.  If you shoot only a few shots you get home and wish you had shot more. Or if you stop and take too many shots you wish you were keeping your “flow” going like the other riders you are with. I did my best to find a good balance this time. Not many shots from Flagstaff as we were shuttling to the top and “racing” down. Couple cell phone shots in here and I’ll let you sniff them out.
-Click any image for larger view-

sedona-flagstaff-mountainbike-1 sedona-flagstaff-mountainbike-2 sedona-flagstaff-mountainbike-3 sedona-flagstaff-mountainbike-4 sedona-flagstaff-mountainbike-5 sedona-flagstaff-mountainbike-6 sedona-flagstaff-mountainbike-7 sedona-flagstaff-mountainbike-8 sedona-flagstaff-mountainbike-9 sedona-flagstaff-mountainbike-91

Published on:
May 6, 2014 6:57 pm

Finally on Instagram…

Took me a while…but I’m finally on Instagram.


Instagram Homepage

Published on:
April 10, 2014 6:42 am

Wait…you aren’t using Flipboard to view your Twitter feed? Really?

I don’t think its a secret that I carry the Flipboard flag…in fact this is my second time writing about the app. You can read how the stormy love affair began by clicking here. This time I’m writing because I feel like if you are a Twitter user who isn’t using Flipboard you are missing out. It’s like I’ve been keeping a secret about this amazing Christmas present Flipboard created for you and I can finally let it out and tell you about it. So let me do my best to highlight what I am talking about. The screen shots below are from my ipad and I’m sure the experience is great on any tablet…..

• Click any of the images below for a larger view.

So whats the big deal? Well if you like magazines and I know you like some kind of magazine, then your Twitter feed is displayed like one as shown below. If the post has an image then the image will help bait you into reading more…


….want to read more? Click it…ahh the full view right there in Flipboard as shown below with the full article. ( I cropped the photo in order to show the photo and text sample here)


Perhaps the person just Tweeted a photo only? Oh a photographers dream! But you’ve been viewing them on your phone? Shame on you! Look at the image below..Full screen photo goodness the way the photographer wanted you to see it.


What if someone posted a link to a whole gallery of shots? Again, no clicking a link to open a browser, you can view right there in Flipboard. Notice the Show All link in the sample below.



Video you ask? Yeah that too…just click play. Oh there is so much more….




Want to reply to the Tweet? Follow the person who Tweeted? Yeah its all right there too…




Want to toss something from your Twitter feed into one of the magazines you already curate on Flipboard? Yeah just hit the plus symbol, click your mag and add it.



I’m sure I’ve left a few gems out of this…But it’s time for you to test drive it yourself and add your Twitter feed to the Flipboard app. Post a comment if I’m wrong..but I doubt you will..you’ll be too busy starting your own magazine.


Published on:
March 6, 2014 7:51 pm

Adding some color in post…changing the feel

I’ve been back and forth on this shot..open it, edit it, close it…then I come back another day and go through the same process. Often never finding a final option that I really enjoy. Removing the “normal” colors and going with an orange tone actually works for me. I’m sure on another day it may not have done it for me..today it did and this one made it’s way to my Flickr account.

Tech Specs:
Canon 7D with Tokina 12-24 f/4 lens
Single Boling 600 watt strobe fired via PocketWizards
Edited in Adobe Lightroom

Please click image for the large view…

Colton Aeck Supercross


Back to Africa…

I had the privilege of spending time with Crisis Aid International on my recent trip to East Africa. While it can be easy to dwell on the hopelessness and despair that are constant realities in this part of Africa, I didn’t want all of the photos I shared to only portray that part of life. I’ve found in both of my trips to Africa that the people never seem hopeless and usually have a joy within them that is hard to to explain.
-Click any image for a larger view

crisis-aid-international-1 crisis-aid-international-2 crisis-aid-international-3 crisis-aid-international-4 crisis-aid-international-5 crisis-aid-international-6 crisis-aid-international-7 crisis-aid-international-8 crisis-aid-international-9 crisis-aid-international-10 crisis-aid-international-11 crisis-aid-international-12 crisis-aid-international-13 crisis-aid-international-14 crisis-aid-international-15 crisis-aid-international-16 crisis-aid-international-17 crisis-aid-international-18 crisis-aid-international-19 crisis-aid-international-20 crisis-aid-international-21 crisis-aid-international-22 crisis-aid-international


Prepping for Supercross with Colton Aeck

Had a chance to spend the day with privateer Colton Aeck as he goes through his final preparations for the 2014 Supercross season.

Some of the sponsors working with Colton:
TREMX.com, Tri-County Powersports, Pasha Racing, Tech One Designs, FMF, Race Tech, Renthal, Focus Apparel, X Brand goggles, Works Connection, Rekluse, DUBYA Wheels, Maxima, DT-1 Air filters, 6D helmets, All balls racing

Click images below for larger view…

colton_aeck_supercross_2014_11colton_aeck_ colton_aeck_supercross_2014_1 colton_aeck_supercross_2014_2 colton_aeck_supercross_2014_5 colton_aeck_supercross_2014_6 colton_aeck_supercross_2014_7 colton_aeck_supercross_2014_8 colton_aeck_supercross_2014_9 colton_aeck_supercross_2014_10


Thanks internet….you found me some friends. Friends who can ride Part 4

This is the final post in this series. You can click for Part 1  Part 2  and Part 3

I’ve written about Nick in the past.  Since we met via Twitter I thought it’d be appropriate to write and address if it was creepy or weird meeting someone via Twitter. Turns out in this case it wasn’t. You can read that post here. While Nick has since moved back to his original stomping grounds of the East Coast, we still keep in touch via social media and I’m sure our paths will cross in the future.

In his short time in California he played an important part in helping out with one of my favorite shoots….shown below in the water tower shots. You can read about that shoot here.


Thanks internet….you found me some friends. Friends who can ride Part 3

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2 of this series…

Travis is someone I stalked…err…met on a mountain bike website that we both frequent. Once I found out that we were both in the same town, it was an exchange of a couple emails and a phone call and we were off on our first photo shoot. It’s been great to not only get to know Travis but also watch his skills improve over time. We’ve collaborated on a number of photo shoots and took the time to make a mountain bike video too. I have some ideas for new stuff to shoot with Travis this year and I can’t wait to take those to beyond just ideas.


Thanks internet….you found me some friends. Friends who can ride Part 2

Part One of this series can be found here.

The second rider meeting made possible through the internet was Skye Schillhammer. I met Skye (@skyride on Twitter) through mountain bike film maker Stephen Tenuto (Lush Cinema). Steve was a recent transplant to the L.A area and I found him online after watching a few of his videos….Skye was out from Washington to shoot some video in SoCal with Steve and I was able to shoot some stills that day. I also had the opportunity to shoot Skye at his local trails in Washington State….a chance to grab some great shots of an amazing rider.

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