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Photography…making time for personal projects

I’ve been riding past a certain spot for a number of years now and each time I rode past it I took a photo. It was always a mental photo…just banking it in my mind to remind me that I wanted to go back and shoot there. I think one of the important things in


Published Dirt Rag Magazine

Happy to have a full page shot in this months Dirt Rag Magazine. This is a shot I’ve been holding on to hoping to get published somewhere and it’s nice to see it in print. Tech details: Camera: Canon 7D Settings: 1/250th @ f/11 Lens: Tokina 12-24 f/4 Light Kit: Boling 2 x 300 watt


I only had to ask….

A couple weeks ago I found myself watching a mountain bike video on You tube and realized the rider was riding trails in Southern California. I guess that doesn’t sound too exciting by itself, but this rider was riding some wicked trails and had skills that really impressed me. A quick check of his profile


Plan B

Last week a few of us had agreed on meeting for a mountain bike photo shoot. It was going to be two photographers and two riders. Todd and I (the two photogs)had arrived earlier than the two riders and we spent our time eyeing a few different locations that we wanted to shoot. We had


Local resources…Skate shoot

While there are many downsides to living in Southern California, there are also a few upsides too. One major advantage is our weather. I can rarely use poor weather as an excuse for not shooting. Another upside is there always seems to be something going on outside…usually something in the way of sports. We have



I titled this post “dedication” because of the subject. If you spend any amount of time at a BMX track you’ll soon see familiar faces, young and old riders, and a lot of people having fun on bikes. It wont take you long to spot certain riders that seem to have something special. At first their


The Night Project

Like a lot of photographers I have ideas for different shots floating around in my head. The original idea for the “Night Project” was to shoot a long exposure of the sky and capture some cool looking stars while having a mountain bike rider in the shot. Well light pollution where we live put an

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